Ski Men

    •   Grace m.Kap.o.P.   Birch m.Träger
    •   Seek   Pine m.Kap.o.P.
        Birch m.Träger
    •   Route m.Kap.o.P.
    •   Rider m.Kap.o.P.   Birch m.Träger
    •   Adventure m.Kap.o.P.   Birch m.Träger
    •   Adventure m.Kap.o.P.   Adventure m.Kap.o.P.
    •   Waves m.Kap.o.P.   Seek
    •   Skijacke Trav   Birch m.Träger
    •   Turn
    •   Skijacke Wayes
    •   Flash m.Kap.o.P.   Pose m.Träger
    •   Flash m.Kap.o.P.   Steep Allover
    •   Jacke Hoody Track
    •   Tour m.Kap.o.P.
    •   Flash m.Kap.o.P.   Pose m.Träger
    •   Steep Allover   Pose m.Träger
    •   Skijacke Sail   Birch m.Träger
    •   Jacke Minus   Midlayer Jacke Branch
    •   Hazard m.Kap.o.P.   Steep Allover BW
        Pose m.Träger
    •   Rider m.Kap+P   Birch m.Träger
    •   Hazard m.Kap.o.P.

    Japanese high-tech materials paired with boiled wool and imitation leather, a 20,000 mm column of
    water, an ergonomic fit and lots of other sophisticated details are what make the SPORTALM Ski Men
    collection for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 one of the most innovative and fashionable on the market.

    In addition to the highly functional high-tech ski fabrics, boiled wool and imitation leather are also a
    feature this season, both of which are water-repellent. Technowool is used for the boiled wool
    All of this makes the SPORTALM Active Skiwear and Luxury Skiwear a must-have for active winter
    sports fans.