Tracht and Dirndl

    •   Tracht Berndorf   Bluse Liz
    •   Brautdirndl Meggenhof
    •   Achleit m. 2 Schürzen   Bluse Anna
    • Dirndl  Auberg   Mabel
    •   Gamlitz
    •   Gamlitz Jacke  Mercedes
    • Kleid Innsbruck   Bluse Magda
    •   Dirndl Leoben   Mabel
        Dirndljacke Claudia
    • Dirndl  Michaelnbach Mieder Tiba
    • Dirndl Peuerbach   Bluse Fritzi
    • Dirndl  Michaelnbach Mieder Tiba
    •   Sascha Jerseyshirt Ugletta
      Strickjacke Olga Jeans  Emby

    A flower grows out of the ground. Colorful blossoms are created because they come into contact with the world, absorbing what they offer, and still remain connected to their origin. Traditional costume is an origin with time spirit.