„As a responsible internationally active business, we take our commitment to society seriously and sponsor several social projects.“ – Ulli Ehrlich

Initiative- “A Chance for Children” (Kindern eine Chance)

The Tyrol based charity “Kindern eine Chance” (A Chance for Children) sponsors orphan children in Uganda. The children, predominantly orphaned through AIDS are helped along life’s journey through the sustainable funding of their education. The project is active in four locations in Uganda, currently providing 420 children with education, food, clean drinking water, medication and shelter.

Sportalm also supported the initiative in the construction of two schools, dedicated to the late husband of Ulli Ehrlich.

Life Ball / AIDS Support

Since 1992, the Life Ball in Vienna is the largest charity event in support of HIV positive people and AIDS sufferers in Europe. The defined goal of the event is to make the general public mindful of the dangers of HIV/AIDS. The proceeds from the event go to various non profit organisations who are committed to the fight against HIV. Since 2010, we have the honour of outfitting the debutantes in Sportalm clothing.