Family business Sportalm

A veritable family business, the Sportalm brand owes its success to the strong familiy ties and skills of all its members. Together, this longstanding, traditional company and its faithful employees make Sportalm one of the most successful businesses in the Austrian textiles industry.


After 5 years as managing director of Sportalm, Wilhelm Ehrlich bought the business in 1980 and steered it consistently on the course to success. He manages to reconcile his keen business sense and grip on reality with a pioneering spirit and passion. Herta Ehrlich contributes decades of fashion and sales experience to the equation. She manages the first Sportalm store in Kitzbühlel since 1979 and is at the same time Sportalm’s best customer. Ulli Ehrlich has assisted her father at Sportalm since the beginning of the 90s. The entire Sportalm product range owes its dynamic character to her creative leadership. She always finds a fresh approach in coveying a unique attitude toward life in her collections - combining international flair with local tradition. Christina Ehrlich majorly contributes to the business side of the company and unfailingly keeps a clear head in making important decisions. After more than 30 years in the company, Renate Loidl now heads the finance department and since 2009 is a member of the executive board.