1953 Foundation

Foundation of the knitting mill by Willi Kruetschnigg


Takeover by the company Kibek (Michael Walleczek) and product line expansion to include the Dirndl and Tracht (traditional costume)

1973 Skiwear

KR Franz Kneissl becomes partner and owner. Commencement of Ski fashion development


Wilhelm Ehrlich becomes managing director


Closedown of the knitting department

1979 Sportalm Store Kitzbühel

Opening of the first Sportalm Store under the direction of Herta Ehrlich

1980 Takeover

Takeover of the company by W. Ehrlich, with 2.3 million euro turnover and 68 employees. Sportalm are the first in the industry to introduce colour to the traditional costume inspired country-style collection. Due to this innovation Sportalm rises to the peak of the Austrian market for Tracht and ski fashion.

1986 Austrian coat of arms

Acquisition of the business branch in Frauenkirchen (Burgenland, Austria). In the same year Sportalm receive a very special honour for their achievements as one of the best known Austrian clothing companies: from this time forth they are permitted to carry the Austrian coat of arms in all business traffic.

1995 Vienna Fashion Award

At a gala fashion event, company director Wilhelm Ehrlich is awarded the Wiener Modepreis 1995 (Vienna Fashion Award) for his success within the international market.

1996 Bulgaria

Foundation of Moda Sport Sofia, Bulgaria, and acquisition of Sportalm manufacturing plants in Madan-Varbina

1998 Marithé + François Girbaud

Christina and Ulli Ehrlich take over a third share of the company.

Development of a trendsetting line of winter sport fashion - MFG Actlive - in cooperation with the designers Marithé and François Girbaud.

2004 e.motion Sportstyle Launch

The brand portfolio is further extended to fashion. The introduction of the e.motion Sportstyle Collection heralds the beginning of a new era for Sportalm, resulting in strong growth and great success. In November Sportalm are presented with the most important Austrian fashion industry award, the Salzburger Preis, under the motto “Forward-strategy in Fashion – what makes a brand a winner”.

2005 Successful export

Kitzbühel is headquarters and center of excellence with 130 employees. The production is located in Bulgaria with 420 employees. Export quota: country-style 40%, ski fashion 80%, e.motion 70%, Girbaud 90%. 1400 retailers in 22 countries now sell this fine example of austrian fashion. The largest export trade is in Russia, Germany and France.

2007 Renovation

Turnover increases greatly due to the success of the e.motion collection. Production in Bulgaria expands with the building of a new facility. Reconstruction of the headquarters in Kitzbühel.

2009 "Brand of the year"

In January, the “Actlive” collection (Marithé + François Girbaud) underlines its status as the pearl of the Sportalm company group, being awarded “Brand of the year” at the GQ Stylenight. Sportalm is awarded the ‘WirtschaftsBlatt’ Prize and is also chosen as Tirol’s best family company. In September the Sportalm flagship store, drafted by architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels, opens in Vienna.


2010 Leading Ladies Award

Wilhelm Ehrlich is voted as “Businessman of the Year” (professional guild clothing industry / Austria). Ulli Ehrlich is awarded the Leading Ladies Award in the categorie “Children and Career”. This award is granted by the magazine ‘Madonna’ in order to honour women for their outstanding achievements.