Employees - crucial to the realisation of business

The highly motivated people who work on our products are the lifeblood of the company and deserve to share in the success of the business. It goes without saying that Sportalm provides fair wages and working conditions, both in Kitzbühel and Bulgaria. We want out workers to feel secure and in good hands and for this reason we offer only permanent positions. In 2010, we distributed a 200 000 Euro bonus among our employees to show our appreciation. Afterall, without them it would not be possible to achieve the exceptionally high product quality that our customers expect from us.

Ecology – a matter of the heart in all areas of business

Sportalm places eco-efficiency and sustainable production in the foreground.
The proximity of our production to our headquarters in Kitzbühel not only makes it possible for us to ensure the quality of every single product, but also has a positive effect on our overall ecological impact. The short haul economises CO2 emissions and avoids deadheading as well as unneccessary packaging. As a business located in one of Austria’s most beautiful landscapes, it’s only natural that environmental conservation is a matter of the heart for us.

Production - the proven recipe for business success

Our production has been situated in St Johanner Street in Kitzbühel for nigh on 50 years. Use of the latest technology combined with innovative warehouse regulation ensure a progressive production proccess. We also support traditional local craftsmanship, since our Trachten are manufactured in Tyrol. Up to now some 600 employees in two manufacturing plants in Bulgaria find themselves part of our family company. Here we manufacture our Ski and fashion collections. This is a clear affirmation of our dedication to quality, the production costs being of course higher than somewhere in Asia, making us an exception amongst producers of ski fashion.